Outsourced copywriting services

If you have stumbled upon this post, you probably want to find out more about outsourced blog writing services; and on that particular note, you have unquestionably found the right place. This post will cover the basics of how to outsource blog writing, explaining what practical options are available to you.

Outsourced copywriters can also be industry experts

When I first started my career as a full-time copywriter, (before I set-up CleverPen); I genuinely believed that the only way to get authentic, high-quality content was to do everything myself. So, I did. From creating content strategies to building editorial calendars, doing the keyword research and topic discovery; all the way through to writing and editing, I handled it all.

I took ownership of everything. However, this meant that content production was slow, as I was having to learn how to use the best tools, getting involved in graphic design (which I do not enjoy); and then, finally, getting round to the content production (the bit I really enjoy).

So, I understand why people believe that if you really want it done right, you need to do it yourself. However, I now know that this just isn’t true.

It took me four years before I could confidently scale-up, while retaining the quality and comprehensiveness I was renowned for. I now have a team of individual experts that handle each part and work seamlessly together on our client’s projects. Yes, four years is a long time; but it feels great to know that every client that outsources their content writing to us gets the red-carpet treatment.

We always use industry specialists working together to produce SEO content that engages, compels, and delivers results.

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In this post, I answer the most frequently asked questions about our outsourced content writing services.

How do you outsource blog writing?

There are several approaches to the task of outsourcing blog writing. The two most conventional ones are to either hire a freelance copywriter directly or to secure the services of a local copywriting agency specialising in creating professional content on behalf of their clients.

Option 1 – Hire a freelance copywriter

You can post a job on platforms such as Freelancer.com. Here, you get the option of choosing from thousands of writers, with a review-based ranking system. While it is possible to find a freelance writer with outstanding content writing skills, it takes time. Firstly, you need to outline your requirements, then sift through hundreds of profiles; once you’ve got a shortlist, you then need to articulate the specifics of your industry, business, and customer demographics.

While you can look for a copywriter with experience in your niche, again, it takes time. Something that most people who want to outsource their blog writing don’t have in abundance.

Option 2 – Use a Professional Blog Writing Service from a Copywriting Agency

Naturally, this is our preferred option, and with good reason. If you need to outsource your blog writing, then you want to work with a company that is invested in a long-term relationship. Copywriting agencies have a breadth of skills in their team and can often match you with an experienced copywriter who already understands your industry, your business, and the pain points or your customers.

Aside from this, they should also have a demonstrable record and positive reviews from past clients for their work; this all adds to their credibility and builds trust from the onset. You can also expect to receive a discount for ordering regular blog writing services too. Giving you affordable content writing from a trusted copywriting agency that you can depend on.

Other alternatives, which may be appropriate if you are working on a strict budget, include scouring through social media in search of a writer, trying your luck through Reddit communities, and/or approaching the authors of popular blogs which already cover topics similar to yours. But again, this all takes time.

How do you find the right writer for your company blog?

If you want to outsource your content writing, there are four keys points to consider.

  • The type of writer
  • Sourcing the writing
  • Prepping the writer
  • Collaborating post content production

Step 1 – Do you want to hire a ghostwriter or a guest contributor?

  • A ghostwriter will write content on your behalf, and you can publish it in your name.
  • A guest contributor will likely be a subject expert or authority in your industry; they will publish the content under their own name.

If you are looking for guest contributors, this takes time, it costs more than hiring a ghostwriter, and it requires patience and perseverance.

Step 2 – Source a writer or copywriting agency

Now you know what type of writer you’d like to work with, then the next logical step is the engagement. We’ve already discussed the use of sites such as freelancer.com vs. finding a local copywriting agency.

You need to consider whether or not you want to hire a writer locally, as it were, or outsource your blog writing abroad. Both choices will generally provide an upside which the other is unlikely to have.

In the case of hiring locally, which usually extends to anyone within the English-speaking world (assuming that you are looking for content written in the English language); the upside is that you will usually find yourself reading both intellectually and grammatically coherent drafts, whereas such results may prove to be a challenge for writers overseas.

Quality content that requires minimal to no editing is the ultimate goal. If you try to outsource your blog writing to non-native writers, you could sacrifice the quality of the writing and end up spending more time editing the content than you can afford.

A final point to check before you hire a copywriter is to make sure you know how many rounds of edits are included after their initial submission. The industry standard is to offer two-rounds of edits.

Step 3 – Hire a copywriter and get started

One of the most important aspects of outsourcing your blog writing is the initial engagement and instructions you provide. A good copywriting agency or blog writer will take the time to understand your business, your tone of voice, your customers, and look at the different content and blogs you’ve already published.

If you have any keyword research, blog topic planning, or other customer demographical data that you have gathered, then make sure this gets shared with the company you choose to outsource your content writing to. It will give you a consistent approach to your content, while taking advantage of any previous SEO content research that has already taken place.

Step 4 – Collaborating post content production

Once your initial content is produced, regardless of how it turns out, it’s essential you engage in some form of collaboration with your writer or content manager. Finding the right writer to outsource your blog writing too is easy when you work with a copywriter that asks for feedback and who cares about getting things right.

If you do have feedback of any magnitude, be it minor or major, then it’s important, to be honest, open, and direct. A good copywriter is open to hearing this; and can quickly adapt their content or writing style to suit the tonality, style, and voice, to meet your needs.

How much does it cost to outsource blog writing?

A blog of 1000 words will cost £95, or $120. If you order pay monthly content writing services, you will usually get an additional 10% off these standard prices. If you outsource your blog writing overseas, you will get a lower price. However, there is always usually a trade-off between quality and cost that must be considered.

Conversely, the fee quoted by agencies for the same amount of work may reach as high up as four digits. Although this may seem like the less desirable option; it should also be mentioned that the reason why agencies charge what they do is that they are generally far more effective at producing desirable results.

As with so many things in life, you truly do get what you pay for. If you apply the same logic to outsourced copywriting, you can expert quality content you can feel proud of.

Is outsourced blog writing worth it?

If you want to save time, get more organic traffic, establish yourself as an authority, build your email subscriber list, stay ahead of your rivals, and more, then yes, outsourced copywriting is absolutely worth it. Theoretically, when you find a company offering outsourced copywriting and start working with them, you can still reap all the benefits of writing SEO content while being able to focus on other things that matter to your business, your team, or your customers.

Ghost blogging may be an option for you, especially if you don’t like to spend time writing, can’t write well, aren’t seeing the results you want, or want time to develop other areas of your business. There’s nothing wrong with it, no more than there is hiring a chef for your restaurant. – Neil Patel

Should You Outsource Your Blog? 5 Questions to Consider

How common is it to outsource blog writing?

From entrepreneurs through to large enterprises, outsourced copywriting is becoming increasingly popular. With many specialist copywriting agencies now offering affordable regular copywriting services, it’s never been easier to hire a copywriter for your business blog.

Hiring a freelance writer or copywriting agency can be significantly more cost-effective than, say, having an internal department focused solely on content creation. It seems reasonable to suppose that virtually every single major website and/or business which communicates through blogs will have – at the very least – considered outsourcing at some point in time.

Here’s a quick overview of how we work with our regular clients.

When shouldn’t you outsource your content?

As practical as outsourcing the content of your blog or website may be, there are also several scenarios in which it simply fails to make sense. For example, if your blog deals with a topic which you alone are inherently qualified to discuss, it may be prudent to consider carrying the extra workload or making detailed notes that highlight the key points you want to be covered.

At CleverPen, we use industry experts with experience writing authority content across a huge range of niche industries and topics. We also utilize advanced research skills in order to uncover the most up to date, relevant points for any given topic.

So, while outsourcing content on a very niche topic is possible with the right copywriting agency; a clear set of instructions, and an on-going relationship, you will find that outsourced copywriting becomes the norm and saves you countless hours of your own professional time.

Can you outsource writing for all company content?

Of course, you can outsource all of your blog writing to a specialist copywriting company. As masters in their field, a good copywriter knows exactly what steps to take to start a business blog, and they will also have the resources and tools to create a content calendar, do keyword research, topic planning, and more.

If you order a pay-monthly copywriting service, many people also offer blog posting services, too, giving you a completely done-for-you business blog. A major benefit to this is the consistency you get in both the quality and tone of voice from day one.

Generalised concepts aside, some of the practical things you will need to have prior to starting a business blog include;

  • An editorial calendar (which a freelance writer and/or agency will be able to help you with).
  • A coherent marketing strategy, consisting of stated goals and a plan as to how you will get there.
  • A realistic budget that you are willing to commit to.
  • A plan for how you intend to share your content on, e.g., social media.
  • An appreciation of the fact that results can take time, and there is no quick win
  • A way to measure the success of the blog over time, benchmarking traffic beforehand
  • A system to help you build up and manage a list of subscribers for your blog

The above bullet points also double as a simple road map whose details you should communicate to a freelance writer and/or an agency in the event that you decide to outsource your copywriting.

How involved should you be in the process?

This is entirely your choice, and particularly at the start, you might feel more comfortable having a greater involvement in the process before handing it all over. I am fortunate to still have clients with the agency who worked with me directly as their copywriter in my early days as a freelance writer.

At the start, I would always make sure I asked them for feedback and would even go so far as to review their analytics. This approach quickly helped me understand their style and the type of content their audience favoured.

Essentially, you outsource your content writing to save time. You also want to have a professional partnership that serves as an extension of your own team. This approach to nurturing relationships and truly taking the time to understand customers is what really delivers value.

What are the main risks to consider with outsourced copywriting?

If you have no prior experience of hiring a done-for-you blogging service, genuinely talented writers can be hard to find. However, if you follow the basic guidelines outlined in this post, you will dramatically improve your odds of finding the best outsourced copywriters, who will be able to provide you with proper solutions that deliver real results.

If you hire a freelancer copywriter instead of a company, there’s always a chance their circumstances will change, and they may become unavailable. The main risk here is that you could then have to invest more time and effort finding another copywriter to emulate the exact style or tone of voice your customers have become accustomed to.

Discover what Cleverpen Content has to offer you

Cleverpen Content offers a comprehensive outsourced content writing service. This allows our clients to stand out through unique, engaging, and professionally written content. While knowing that it has been properly optimized for broader application and visibility online. We believe in nurturing relationships, and we’re in it for the long haul.

As such, we become engrained in your industry and truly appreciate the need to understand your business, your clients, and your marketing goals.