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Our Philosopy

At CleverPen Content Ltd, we are all passionate people, who love what we do.

All content is guaranteed to be original. It will be well-researched, relevant, compelling and above all else, meet with your bespoke content creation needs.

Customer Satisfaction, Integrity and High-Quality Content Delivery are the foundations of our business. The policy presented below ensures that as a business, we uphold our commitments and stay true to our values.


Quality Assurance

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer receives the highest quality content. When an order is placed, our management team assigns it to the writer or writers equipped to deliver the highest quality product. A draft of the content is then thoroughly reviewed by our managers. Any content that is deemed to be anything but the highest quality will be revised until it meets the standard of highest quality.

We ask you to trust our content creation and assessment process. We do not settle for good quality; we are committed to providing you the best quality. By trusting our process, your enterprise will see the best results possible.


Content Policies


All content generated by CleverPen Content Ltd is 100% original, and we use thorough processes to ensure that none of the content we create falls short of our guarantee. We use various methods to make these assessments, including Copyscape Premium, a universally respected tool for analysing documents for originality.

However, we periodically must include terminology that for legal and technical reasons must remain the same across all media and products in order to be enforceable. Our management staff will always inform a client if this any of this terminology must be used in the client’s content.



When the work is completed, the client fully owns the work. CleverPen Content Ltd does not and will not request or expect any right to the content we provide.

Until full payment is made, CleverPen Content Ltd will not commence working on a project. CleverPen Content Ltd also retains the rights to any content created until payment is settled, at which time the client assumes full rights over the content.

In the event that a client should cancel a payment, the copyright will be reverted to CleverPen Content Ltd, until payment is received, and the client will not be able to use such content without being subjected to legal action.


Creation of Content for Submission to Medical, Legal, or Scientific Journals

If you would like an article writing service specifically for submission to a journal, then this will not be included in any standard SEO copywriting charges, or monthly copywriting bundles. These specific articles require often require in-depth research, analysis, and journalistic writing; while we do have members of our team with these skills, the preparation, execution, and editing is on a completely different level to that of our usual professional copywriting services. We can write articles for journals, but we would need to create a bespoke price and kindly request at least four weeks notice of such work.

Creation of Academic Content

At times, CleverPen Content Ltd will provide content to teachers, professors or educational administrators for the purposes of curriculum development, teaching, or education administration. However, we will not provide content for original academic content for a student, as this is considered plagiarism and impermissible by CleverPen Content Ltd’ ethical standards. If we believe a project to contravene these standards, then we withhold the right to refuse work and a full refund will be given.


Orders, Process, and Client-Staff Policies

Completion Timetables

The turnaround times we provide to each client are the best way to estimate project completion. We also provide this information so that clients can plan their own communications and provision of necessary information so that we can keep the project running smoothly and in a timely manner.

If you are in need of a deadline or turnaround adjustment, please do not hesitate to contact us- we will work to accommodate any request within reasonable parameters. Once payment is received, our staff begin the project completion process, and we will deliver your content within the established timetable.



Client feedback is vital to ensuring that our work is of the highest quality. In order to meet your needs, we must have a clear idea of what they are. We encourage all clients to share detailed feedback on any work we provide. Please do not hesitate to communicate your needs if you feel as though they have not been met. Email: support@cleverpen.co.uk



Each client may request up to two rounds of revisions within 14 days of content delivery at no extra cost for the following reasons: a) incorrect or poorly executed grammar, spelling, or syntax b) incorrect or misleading information c) writing used in an incorrect or inappropriate category. If a revision request has been submitted, please allow two business days before sending a follow-up inquiry. We aim to respond to all requests within 24 hours.


Approval of Project and Revision Requests

Clients must approve completed project or request revisions within 14 days of order fulfilment.

The responsibility for issuing an approval or revision request rests solely with the client. Approvals or revision requests can be made by email, web chat, or telephone. After approving content, the client assumes all legal rights and ownership, including responsibility should the content be used in any other media or avenue. Once approval is issued by the client, CleverPen Content Ltd is absolved of any responsibility for quality of the content.


Changes to Orders

Substantial order changes are permitted in certain circumstances. A request for a significant change in order content must be placed within 24 hours after the original order placement. Since our begins work on an order as soon as possible after order placement, we ask that our clients provide sufficient communication and information up-front, and sufficient feedback throughout the process, in order to avoid unnecessary order changes.


Order Cancellation

Clients reserve the right to cancel an order at any time. However, upon cancellation of an order, the client will be responsible for a pro-rated payment based on the percentage of the project completed prior to cancellation. Any cancellation of payment for an order already completed will be subject to legal action. (See “Rights” and “Payments” sections of this policy.)

Cancellations may be made via email, web chat, or telephone.


Client-Staff Communications

We ask that clients respect the contract agreements CleverPen Content Ltd maintains with all writing staff. For this reason, we cannot permit any client-writer interactions in which a client offers compensation for services outside of the payment processes in place at our company. Any attempt by a client or agent of a client to contact writers through “outside channels” that are not sanctioned by our company, including attempts to personally contact writers outside of work hours, will result in immediate termination of our relationship with the client.

With certain exceptions such as meetings between writers and clients facilitated by CleverPen Content Ltd, clients are not permitted to obtain or use any personal information about our team. Outside of communications between clients and writers that are directly facilitated by CleverPen Content Ltd, clients must obtain approval from management to contact writers directly.



The judgement of quality of our services are completely at the discretion of clients, and any payment beyond the established service fee is entirely optional. However, we encourage clients who feel that their project team has gone above and beyond in their services to reward or compensate the project team as they see fit. Seventy-five percent of any bonus that a client chooses to award a project team will be awarded to the content writer, while 25% will be awarded to CleverPen Content Ltd at large and divided amongst the management team and other teams within the company.


Payment Policy

All deposits must be paid up front by all clients, including new clients, returning clients, and clients with whom CleverPen Content Ltd works on retainer. CleverPen Content Ltd will only initiate work upon full payment of deposits. Clients who pay monthly will be expected to pay a month’s upfront fee, ahead of any work commencing on their account.

Any content that is held by a client prior to payment to CleverPen Content Ltd will only belong to the client when payment is made, and the client will bare sole legal responsibility for possessing any such content that has been obtained from CleverPen Content Ltd without payment, or that has been obtained by a payment that was cancelled.

One hundred percent of user deposits will be available for content purchases. Content must be ordered within 6 months of the date of deposit, after this period, the funds will become unusable to the client and shall become the sole property of CleverPen Content Ltd.



All content order purchases are final at the point an order is made. Since the attention and dedication of our staff is under way as soon as a client places an order, CleverPen Content Ltd is unable to provide refunds on orders.

However, company credit may be available for a placed deposit. Any request for a credit must be made within 14 days of project completion, or within 24 hours of order placement for an order that has not been started. No requests for credit more that are made more than 14 days after project completion will be approved. Any credit applied to a client account will be valid for 14 days.

If a client wishes to log a complaint, the resolution of the complaint will be at the discretion of a member of CleverPen Content Ltd management staff. All requests of this nature are made on a case-by-case basis by sending us an email to support@cleverpen.co.uk.


Important note regarding withdrawn payments

In the event of a withdrawn or cancelled payment, CleverPen Content Ltd reserves the right to file a complaint under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). A DMCA complaint will prompt Google to react very strongly, creating potentially serious and damaging ramifications for any entity that is the subject of such a complaint.

Click here for more information on Google’s DMCA policies.


Privacy Policy

Collection of User Information

CleverPen Content Ltd may collect certain data on users and web visitors for the following purposes:


Customer Service and Support

The collection of user data makes CleverPen Content Ltd better equipped to respond to your needs, regarding orders, communications, and efficiency of service.


For Email Communications related to orders

The email address provided by a customer will be used only for communications regarding an order. These communications include order status and updates, responses to questions or requests, and other order-related information.


Email Subscriber Policy

Users who sign up for CleverPen Content Ltd’s email list periodically receive updates that may include company information, product or service information, promotions, or satisfaction surveys. Any user may unsubscribe at any time by contact CleverPen Content Ltd via our website.


Personal Information Policy

With user consent, CleverPen Content Ltd may collect users’ personal information, including names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers. Data collection methods may vary, and may occur at various points of interaction, including when users visit CleverPen Content Ltd’s website, complete online orders, sign up for communications from CleverPen Content Ltd such as newsletters and promotional offers, initiate web chats or email correspondence, or as a result of any other interaction with CleverPen Content Ltd’s website.

All user information collection is based on voluntary submission by users, and any user who visits CleverPen Content Ltd’s website may choose to withhold any and all personal information.


Other User Information

Technical and non-personal information may also be collected, including web browser information such as developer, application, or version, device type such as desktop computer or smart phone, device manufacturer or developer and model, device operating system(s) or application(s), and utility or connectivity information such as internet service provider (ISP), and other related technical information.


Confidentiality of User Information

CleverPen Content Ltd will not share individual user information with any third party through sales, trades, or other business agreements that would result in user information being utilised for purposes other than those outlined above.

Third party service providers may be employed by CleverPen Content Ltd to carry out company administrative services, communications, research, or other functions related to CleverPen Content Ltd business. Any information will only be shared with these third parties with a user’s express consent.

CleverPen Content Ltd may also periodically share site analytics, which includes aggregated user demographics, trends, preferences, or other information excluding individual user information, with other entities that include partners, contractors, or business service providers. CleverPen Content Ltd ensures that any other entity with which we share analytic or demographic information is trusted and only has access to information we provide.



Cookies are small text files that are saved to the hard drive of a device, whether a smart phone, computer, or tablet, after visiting a website. Cookies allow a website to keep records and “remember” user information, such as language preferences or logins, for improved user experience. This website may utilise cookies to improve user experience and site functionality. Any user may adjust browser privacy settings to prevent the storage of cookies or to automatically notify the user when a website s/he is visiting employs cookies. In some cases, adjusting cookie settings may affect site functionality or user experience.


Policy Changes

CleverPen Content Ltd reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated with users via email, and the privacy policy date will be updated to reflect when the changes take effect.


Use of this site constitutes agreement to this privacy policy.

Continued use of our website indicates agreement with the terms of this privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from visiting this website. In the event of changes to this privacy policy, continued use of this website after such changes take effect will indicate agreement with any changes.


This policy was last updated on 12th March 2020.

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