Our Story

CleverPen Content was founded by a specialist SEO copywriter who earned an outstanding reputation with clients in the digital marketing, finance, and technology sectors. Over a period of six years, the business grew from strength to strength, the team has expanded, and is still today built solely on word of mouth referrals and repeat business.

“We’re proud of the fact that we have never needed to pay for advertising of any kind, and we still have many people using our copywriting services who’ve been with us since the start” – Elizabeth March, Founder.

As a copywriting agency that’s used by business owners, marketing professionals, authors, and agency owners, we value quality above everything else. Ever since we started, we have focussed on quality recruitment, training, communication, and content production.

When people hire us to write for them, our words become the voice of their brand, and that’s something we take very seriously.

Our Experience

16 years

Professional Copywriting

12 years

SEO Content Creation

11 years

Content Planning & Strategy

18 years

Sales and Marketing

16 years

Proofreading and Editing

7 years

Social Media Content & Management

What We Do

We write authoritative content that is engaging, SEO-friendly, and above-all-else, interesting to read. Helping clients boost their professional authority, improve their SEO, and engage a target audience with compelling content, that resonates with search engines and consumers alike.

Our Mission

Every piece of content we create uses a data-driven approach, meticulous research, understanding of a niche target market, and SEO copywriting foundations as part of its core structure.

Sustainability at CleverPen

We want to give back to our planet and challenge all businesses to urgently address their carbon footprint and sustainability commitments. As a 100% climate positive business, we believe that our contributions can make a difference. Partnering with Ecologi made complete sense for us, and we encourage all of our partners, visitors, and clients to consider growing their own forest too.  Our staff enjoy knowing they work for a climate-concious company that offsets

We pledge a percentage of all sales to support our commitment to sustainable projects as outlined below.

  • Remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere
  • Grow our own forest
  • Create employment for local families
  • Help restore wildlife habitats
  • Fund global climate and carbon reduction projects

Would you like us to plant a tree in our forest on your behalf?

Make a one-time donation of just £3 and we will plant 25 trees in your name. We’ll send you a link your trees so that you can show this to your team or clients on your website or social media. A one-time pledge will last a lifetime – click here to get your company trees planted today.

Passionate People

Lots of our writers come from positions in the corporate sector; and later in life, decided to fulfil a personal desire to work as a professional copywriter. Our team love what they do, and we love them for it!

Our Copywriting Team

The diversity of professional backgrounds within our team gives us the ability to provide you with a dedicated copywriter who already understands what you do. This saves time, but it also means that you get to work with an expert writer, who knows how to connect with the people you serve.

World-Class Training

Every member of our writing team undergoes intensive SEO content writing training. This is something we continue to invest in throughout their career. If you want to hire a writer who understands Yoast, Google, Moz, and more; then you’ll get this and more from our team.

Real-World Experience

Our hiring philosophy means that our writers join us with life experience and tenure. They have a deeply engrained understanding of customer demographics and buying personas. The end result is tailored, engaging content, that appeals to your target audience.

Continuous Development

We invest in the development or our team throughout all stages of their career. Even our most seasoned writers are given the opportunity to advance their skills and stay up to date with the latest trends in SEO copywriting and content marketing.

Quality Without Compromise

We set the bar high, we always have done. Our recruitment process is tough, but it ensures we only hire the best writers with specialist knowledge of a niche industry under their belt. We also employ editorial staff to cast an expert eye over each and every piece of content we produce.

Marketing Expertise

We know how to write expert content that converts, gets attention, and presents a truly professional and authoritative portrait of your business. As experienced content marketers, we hold many industry-leading certifications and ensure we stay abreast of the latest trends and tactics.

Our Clients